why do babies get sick?

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It is inevitable that your kid will, one day, get ill. Just as you know you will be taxed at the end of the year, that it will rain this summer and that you have 5 fingers on every hand (going on a limb here – pun intended).

There is very little you can do to prevent that!

Magic Cloak

When your baby is in the womb, he is given a magical gift that protects him from all the filth an sickness in the outside world. This is carried out for the next few months through breastfeeding and, in essence, your child is a bit like superman. (Granted, this is a huge generalisation and over-simplification, but you get the idea).

Sadly, a few months after birth, that magical cloak of invincibility loses its power and your child becomes more and more vulnerable to the outside world and starts picking up illnesses.

Some are really no reason to get worried about and some might need a trip to the GP or the hospital. The trick is to know which one is which.

Mums vs Dads

What really becomes apparent over the first few months is the different response each parent has.

Mothers will (generally and typically) get alarmed at the minor sniffle or sign of anomaly and put in motion the emergency plans for immediate medical intervention. On the other hand, dads will have a more analytical vision of things, often expressed with a shrug of the shoulders followed by “let’s keep an eye on it”.

Complimentary positions

Whilst neither of you have any medical qualifications of any sorts (unless one of you is in the medical domain), these two opposite views compliment each other quite nicely. One might push for immediate action whilst the other will ask for more time.

It is more than likely that you’ll meet in the middle and get it right.


The thing to know is that the normal temperature of a healthy baby is, in general, 36.9 degrees. Take your child’s temperature when they are healthy and happy to get a baseline idea for future reference.


And remember, we’re no doctors or qualified medical personnel. We’re just a bunch of dads talking from our experience. If you’re worried in any way, shape or form about your child’s health, get advice from a trained medical professional!~

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