Things to know about the common cold

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You get it, we get it, your child will get it. Here are the few things it is good to know about it.


Basically, a whole lot of snot and mucus streaming from your baby’s nose. So much so, you’ll be impressed and amazed at the sheer volume a little thing like this can produce!


It’s usually due to a viral infection, causing the membranes of the nose to swell and produce snot. Not much you can do to prevent it unfortunately.


There is no real cure for the cold, but you can make your baby feel comfortable (that sounds daunting as a sentence!).

Steam usually helps loosen up congestion and unblocks the nose. This helps drastically when it comes to breathing — and breathing is considered good :). Steam up your bathroom by letting the hot tap run and bring your baby in (mind, DO NOT put the baby under scalding water!!!)

If the child is under 3 months and the congestion persists, call the doctor.

On the other hand, if the child is over 3 months, give it a week to pass. Should the mucus becomes thicker and yellow OR if breathing becomes a problem OR if the child is fevery OR if his lips and/or nails turn any shade of blue, bring him to the doctor.

And, as always, if you’re in any way worried about the health of your child, bring him to the doc. We’re not trained medical staff, merely a bunch of dads drawing conclusions from our own experiences!

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