Things dads do differently to mums

The name is Theo. I'm a dad, an entrepreneur and in constant beta. I love learning new stuff and helping out when I can. So don't be a stranger, reach out to me!

Men, Mars, Women, Venus… Rings a bell?
There are some things we’re great at and other where, let’s face it, they whoop our backs up and down the stairs. And that’s fine, it brings some balance to the overall household (allegedly).


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here goes.


Needless to say, we have a more rudimentary approach to what a meal should look like.


Dads are more prone to have fun. (Don’t go all crazy on me again, I don’t mean that as it sounds!) Whilst mothers focus more on nurturing, having quiet moments with the children, loving & caring, dads will go at it differently. Being loud, building stuff, creating a mess (which of course we clean up after *cough*), etc. are all part of what we do with our kids. That, and video games.


Yep, we wrestle. We do so to a point where mummy feels the need to intervene, fearing the child might get injured. Little does she know that we have it all under control of course. 🙂

How to’s

Dads take great pride in seeing their little ones build and learn how to do stuff. I, for one, gave a hammer to my 1.5 year old to help me put up the IKEA furniture together (Let me tell you,. he wasn’t much help – and he was under constant supervision of course!). Mums will tend to make sure the little one has what they need when they want to play (something to do with planning ahead but I am yet to figure that one out)

Taking risks

– (KID) “Dad, what happens if I jump from the 6th step?”
– (DAD) “Go ahead and try it!”

Case dismissed.


There is a reason they call them Dad Jokes. If you like them, check this link out.

We know they are lame and all, but they do serve a purpose (believe it or not!). It brings the family together through the communal grown that indicates that: ‘dad is a dork’.




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