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It’s like I am asking for trouble with titles like this one! But nonetheless, it’s an important question to ask. After all, what are we without them?

Making the extra effort to make sure your partner is happy is worth it (ten-fold0! Surely you have heard of the saying ‘happy wife, happy life?’ — usually adapted to ‘happy spouse, happy house’ — yey gender equality!. Seriously though, they have a million things going at any moment and if there is anything you can do to put a smile on their face, it’s only fair you do it!

In general

Below some ‘general behaviour’ tips. Granted, they rarely help (as we often forget about these), but it’s good to keep in mind.

Remind them that you care, often!

There is no harm in telling them, point blank, every now and again. It’s easy, simple and effective!

Say thank you, even for the little things.

Saying thanks just shows you don’t take them for granted (which of course, you don’t, but they have now way of knowing!). A simple ‘thank you’ can go a long way.

thank you

Take care of yourself

Think about when you first met your partner and you were trying hard to impress her. Think about a few years later (nowadays) and how you behave around her.  It’s so easy to let yourself go and stop trying. So make an effort, make yourself look good and keep it like that.

Tip: When you turn 30, you buy a suit and stay that size — something I overhead somewhere.

Help out

Helping out around the house with simple chores can earn you some brownie points too: loading the dishwasher, making the bed, putting on the laundry… It shows that you’re trying to turn your house into a home.

Listen but don’t fix

Sometimes, your wife wants you to sit and listen, not to try and fix a situation. She simply wants to share something with you and for you to show that you understand how she feels.

(her) – ‘Catherine was a right cow with me today’
(you) – ‘F*ck her, cut her off for a month and don’t invite her to the barbecue’

(her) – ‘Catherine was a right cow with me today’
(you) – ‘Really? How so? That must have felt terrible!’

Just… listen!

Compliment her, often!

‘Whoooooow mama, you look delicious today!’. And repeat, as often as you can.

Concrete stuff to do

Ok, some more concrete things you can do with her to make her feel special.

Take her shopping

Most women love shopping. As they are losing their pregnancy weight, their clothes stop fitting them and the familiar “I don’t have anything to wear” sentence starts coming up. And I know how much you hate shopping (probably? at least women’s clothes?). But bite the bullet on that one and take her out shopping for a few hours.

Cook for her

You’ve seen the movies. Candles, romantic music, dimmed lights. BOOM!
Looking for some simple recipes? Click here.

Help her get some sleep

You know how you feel like you haven’t slept in a decade and you can’t wait for your child to step into the lazy-adolescent phase so you can get some rest? Well, chances are that she’s equally exhausted. So take care of the little one(s) for a while and send her to bed. (Be nice about it!)

Take her out on a date

When was the last time you went on a date? Book the babysitter (or call granny), dress up nicely, and off you go into the night.
Got any ideas for dates? Click here. 

Give her the day off

An extension of ‘help her get some sleep’ would be ‘give her the day off’. She might want to hand out with her girlfriends, go for a manicure, get her nails done… Whatever it is, take care of the logistics and let her go do her own thing. She will more than likely repay the favour AND it will make her feel great.


Any suggestions on things to add here? (I’m sure there’s a ton of things you could add!). Just drop them in the comments below!


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