How to choose the right babysitter

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Dads. Craving that date night with your partner? Wanting to go watch some sports with the boys? Busy with long days at the office? Or just need a bit of a break from the perpetual job that is being a father? Then you may find yourself in the position of needing a babysitter.

Finding the right babysitter is a challenge that many dads inevitably have to face at some point. And boy can it be a challenge.

Below are some step-by-step essentials to remember when you are looking for the perfect babysitter.

Finding a sitter

This can be one of the toughest or easiest parts of the process.

Ask around. Check with family members or friends. If one of them is willing to babysit this can be a huge stroke of luck and make finding a sitter very simple!

Don’t have this luxury? Luckily, there are websites and apps, such as Babysits, that make finding a babysitter far easier. Such sites connect parents with babysitters directly, and are generally cheaper and more transparent than finding a babysitter through an agency.

Meet them

An introductory meeting with the potential babysitter beforehand is important to get a better feeling of their character and more fully discuss your requirements and expectations.

This is also a perfect time to ask them important questions!

Some examples of these could be:

  • Could you elaborate on your previous babysitting experiences?
  • How do you deal with stress or emergency situations?
  • What do you expect from the job?

And an important one:

  • What questions do you have for me?

This way you give the babysitter the chance to ask any questions and make sure that they totally understand the scope of the babysitting job.

Also, it is best to plan the meeting somewhere in a neutral, public place, where both you and the babysitter feel comfortable.

Intro for the kids!

This can be during the introductory meeting or some time after; however, it is important both as a measure of how the babysitter treats the children as well as seeing if the children are comfortable with the babysitter.

If the sitter isn’t friendly with the kids… that’s a bad sign, dads.

This meeting will also help the kids get acclimated to the babysitter! (So, they won’t feel like they’re being left with a stranger in the future.)

Check the credentials

Doing a background check and asking for and contacting references can also be an effective way to help make the decision. These references could be friends or family members, or even better, previous babysitting jobs.

Try it out!

Should you not be 100% certain, you can do a trial run and let the babysitter take care of the kids for a few hours. You can also stay in the house at this time to observe how the babysitter and kids get along!

How to choose the right babysitter

All in all

Trust yourself, and if you don’t feel comfortable with a babysitter then don’t feel pressured to choose them. There are plenty of potential babysitters out there and the right one is out there for you and your family!

This article was written in collaboration with Daniel Lawson from Babysits, the babysitting community of Ireland.

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