Get your newborn in a routine

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Routine, routine, routine (for the newborn that is!). This is the key to success, or so they say!

If your child follows a routine, he will sleep at night, feed like a champ, grow tall and strong and become successful. On the other hand, fail to establish the routine, you can kiss your nights goodnight, face a struggle when it comes to feeding, the child will go on to fails school and become a drug addict. Or so the theory goes,

Truth is, a routine helps manage your daily life and structure the different responsibilities you now have overlapping. And there are many ways of setting a routine.

Basic rule

Bringing it back to the basics. Your child sleeps, eats, poops and cries. In a loop. At that age, they don’t do much more than that.
If you pay attention, they generally need feeding every 3 or 4 hours. All the rest falls into place around that.

The golden schedule

Look at your day as a series of feeding sessions: 10am, 2pm, 6pm, 10pm, 2am and 6am.

Feed around these times and factor in the time it takes for nappy changes, clothe change (if needed), hygiene service… Pretty much the time it takes for the baby’s digestive system to kick in and for him to fall back asleep till the next feed.

It won’t always work precisely at these times but there or about should help you catch up on a bit of sleep and chores and lead a as-normal-as-can-be lifestyle.

Remember, 10-2-6 and:


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