Parenthood is not easy

The name is Theo. I'm a dad, an entrepreneur and in constant beta. I love learning new stuff and helping out when I can. So don't be a stranger, reach out to me!

“Enjoy every minute of it”

You will hear it from every parent that has gone through it before. But they say it now that their kids are older, obedient, well mannered and they seem to be in full control of the situation.

Truth is, you will not enjoy every minute of it (and that’s okay!). You are about to go through a shocking experience where being covered in poop, starved beyond thought and insanely sleep deprived is nearly a natural state to be in! There will be moments where you will feel like you haven’t had a human interaction worthy of this name since you last went out to have a drink. You are about to experience what a “poo-nami” is (poos so strong that no nappy, baby-grow or clothes can hold), Your meals will go cold, cleaning vomits and mess will become regular, you will miss your favourite TV shows and, no matter how hard you try, your house will never be clean again!

You will feel helpless.

During these days, you will feel helpless. But know that: “It’s all worth it!”.

When your little one gives you their first smile (most likely because they are passing gas), takes their first step, calls you daddy or tells you that they love you (for no apparent reason), you will forget all of it. Their smiles and giggles have the ability to make any situation right and you’re in it for a lifetime!

So yes, enjoy every minute of it! And if you’re ever curious about what the next 12 months are more likely to look like, simply click here.



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