Things you will need for your baby

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So, we have covered in a recent post the things you absolutely do not need to buy for your newborn.  How about the few essentials you will need to start off? Keep in mind, you will need to get a few more bits as they grow but, for now, these few essentials will do.

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Let’s start with the basics. Clothes! They will need a small selection of clothes to put on their back. Don’t get too many of them as they will grow out of them quite quickly.

6 babygrows: for day and night. These look like onesies for small people [find on Amazon]

6 pairs of socks: These get lost easily (main person to blame is the washingmachine!). Your baby will need these during the day and during the cold nights. [find on Amazon]

4-6 vests: For keeping them warm. They also act as a poop shield, when you get a poo-namy (aka: explosive poop). [find on Amazon]

2 cardigans: light ones will do, so you can build up layers on the child — this is very convenient to regulate the heat. [find on Amazon]

2 blankets: Yep, again, warmth related [find on Amazon]

1 wool or cotton hat: Keep that huge head of them warm when you go out. [find on Amazon]

A few pairs of scratch mittens: They will scratch themselves unconsciously and these mittens do wonders on preventing that. [find on Amazon]

A winter coat or a sun hat: depending on the season. [find on Amazon] [find on Amazon]

Moses Basket

These are really cool! You leave your baby sleeping in these and you can transport them around the house for the first few months, without waking them up! We kept our little man in that basket until he didn’t fit in it anymore.

[find on Amazon]

Swaddling Blanket

Now, I personally never used this but the theory goes that that babies love feeling snug. A swaddling blanket does exactly that; makes the baby feel the comfortable feel of being inside the womb. Now, as my mother told me: “Why would you want the baby to feel like he is still in the womb? It is out now!”

[find on Amazon]


A cot comes in handy when your baby outgrows the Moses Basket. And it is good to think a few steps ahead, you won’t see the time pass! A good cot can last you for a good few years, especially if you get one that converts into a toddler bed.

[find on Amazon]

Travel Cot

We found these really convenient, not only for when we were travelling abroad but also when we were invited to dinners at friends’ houses. Set up the travel cot and enjoy the adult company!

[find on Amazon]

Baby Monitor

At first, you will keep your child by your side, in your room (hopefully in the moses basket — NOT in your bed, you might roll over and squash it!). But soon enough (the sooner, the better), you will get him used to sleeping in their own room. This really makes your life easier down the line, when they start understanding the difference of sleeping alone or with mummy and daddy. The hurdle here is convincing the mummy.

You don’t need to spend tons of cash on baby monitors. Even the most basic one will do.

[find on Amazon]


Babies will spend most of their time sleeping or eating. But, on the rare occasions they don’t, they will need some entertainment. And there is tons of gizmos out there but remember, at that age, babies can barely see and definitely can’t grab much. So any squidgy, scrunchy, soft type of toy will do — anything that helps them develop their senses really.

You will start getting him better toys (ie: fabric books, etc…) when he is around 3 months old. Remember, playing is part of an essential piece of their development!

[find on Amazon]

Some sort of transportation mean

You will find all sorts of buggies out there. Some cheap, some expensive, … some plain simple ridiculous. The best thing to do is go out there and browse the shops and find something that suits your lifestyle. Or ask around for a second hand one!

[find on DoneDeal]

That’s all for now. If you didn’t get a chance to read the article ‘Things you don’t need to buy for your baby’, click here.



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