Things you DON’T need to buy for your baby

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One thing is certain, the marketing around baby gadgets is HUGE and the social pressure around you is incredible! “You Must have this 2000 EUR buggy for your new born”, “Get this thermal activated baby monitor”… Here is a list of gizmos that you can definitely live without and you might come across at some stage.

Fabric sling – This piece of fabric you wrap around you and hang your child from your chest.

Nappy stacker – A system that is designed to… stack nappies and keep them organised. I get that you want to be ready for when the little one makes their appearance but… no.

Baby washing bowls – a set of specially designed bowls for washing your child. Nothing that your normal bath can’t take.

Nappy disposal bin – Remind me, what’s wrong with your normal bin? Nappy disposal bins come with a lifetime of paying for ‘special’ disposal bags. so, unless you enjoy spending money on overpriced plastic bags, just dispose of your used nappies like you do with anything.

Bumbo seat – A specially engineered seat that helps your baby sit up. Nothing that two pillows can’t do once your little one starts sitting up. (Not for newborns anyway).

Door baby bouncer – I mean… really? Stick the child under a doorframe and let them bounce for a while.

Baby carrier – Sophisticated version of the sling.

Ride on toddler board for buggy – At that age, your toddler should be able to walk by your side. Walking is good.

Night light – A soft light to train your little ones to fear the dark.

Baby reins – To make your child think they are a dog.


The overall message here is don’t be pressurised to buy stuff out of fear of how you’ll cope with specific issues (people are full of it at times). At their young ages, babies don’t do much more than eat, poop and sleep. You will have time to figure things out on your own.

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  1. Those round plastic walkers for babies, you know, the ones with wheels around them to help your baby move around the room…. they’re really bad for their natural development apparently. And also, bad for your TV because it’ll get knocked over. Which is like, 10 times worse than a badly placed spinal cord. Let the baba walk when he’s ready.

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