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You recently found out you are about to become a father and this is super exciting. Mildly scary but mainly exciting.

As you start spreading the news to friends and family, people are going to give you advice, tips, tricks. You might even proactively go and ask for it but you won’t be long regretting asking for advice.

The main thing to remember is that every pregnancy, every couple, every child is different. What might apply to one might not work for someone else! And this is why you should take everything you hear (or read for that matter) with a pinch of salt. (By the way, this applies to the content of this website as well!)

Women are the worst!

Am I even allowed to say/write that?! Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way. I found my partner’s friends were an absolute nightmare at giving advice that just got her wound up! And the funny thing is that, down the line, we realised it was all irrelevant tips!

“If you don’t make your newborn fall asleep pointing north he will become a psychopath.”
“Keep them on you for the first year so they can feel like they are still in the womb.”
“You can’t eat [insert ingredient here] or your child will come out with three heads.”

You know, this type of things. And because you don’t know better, well, your brain starts to wonder.

So remember, some tips are valid, some tips are not. And as time goes by, you will realise which ones to consider and which ones to ignore!

You know best

You probably don’t realise it yet but you and your partner know best. It’s a long game of trial and error and, surprisingly enough, what might work for a wile might, all of a sudden, stop working without any explanation.

I’ll just leave this here:

Improvise, adapt, overcome

Just in case you’re worried about what’s coming your way, we have written an article about what the 12 next months will look like for you. It’s a good idea to try and establish a routine from the beginning (check out how here).



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