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Before you know it, your house is filled with pregnancy books. People will give you their old copies (with highlighted marks and post it notes on every second page), your partner is going go out and buy another 4 different versions of the same book, you colleagues will give you their own suggestions… Let alone all the stuff you will browse the web for and white-papers you will download.

And it’s safe to say, you won’t be physically capable to read all of them. Even if you did, I’d be impressed if you remembered any of it!

That feeling of guilt.

Whilst your partner is going through these books, you’re left on the site, managing logistics (baby seats, the room, the hand-over bits from family and friends). Soon, she has collected a vast amount of knowledge on a world you are still, blatantly uneducated about.

If you’re lucky, she will summarise the juicy (and important) bits to you. Nonetheless, it might be worth doing some reading of your own.

One book to rule them all.

Nick Harper, dad hero of all times wrote this very manageable book titled “Help! I’m a Dad: All a new dad needs to know about the difficult first few months“. It’s a book written by a dad, for dads, with a grand total of 192 pages.

Clear, simply written, witty and with a good dose of sarcasm, it should provide you with the tools, confidence and positivity to tackle the few months ahead. It tackles all the big subjects and questions you might have in a fun and amusing way.

Help I am a dad

Similarly, find out what bullsh*t people are going to try feed you for the sole purpose of seeming knowledgeable. One day at a time, you will be fine!


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