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Here you are, sitting on the couch and… all of a sudden: POUF! A new arrival lands in your household. (You will have a bit more notice than that, don’t worry!). If this little guy is going to live with you, you’re better off building a relationship with him. Otherwise, things might get weird.

The easiest way is obviously to feed him the maternal milk the little man needs. Unfortunately,  mother nature has given you a disadvantage on that one (seen that you don’t have one of these wonderful milk-making devices attached to you). — We never said it was a levelled playing field! Let’s see how you can start bonding with your newborn.

Here are some ways you can bond with your child at early age.

Note: I use he and she intermittently through the articles, in order not to offend anyone. This particular article is a ‘he’. The next one will be a ‘she’. Don’t go all gender-warrior on me please!

Changing nappies

The sheer thought of that makes your spine shiver at first. But you eventually get used to dealing with poop, pees and dirty nappies. And that is the perfect time to have some one on one time with your child. Granted, they won’t be able to recite poems or play a full game of golf with you, but the few ‘ooos’ ans ‘aaas’ are a good start at that age.

Winding your baby

It’s only fair that, if mummy feeds him, you burp him. Granted, it might result with a little overflow on your shirt but that full body contact does wonders to bring you two closer. Let alone that at that age, they are really light and easy to carry around.

Rocking him to sleep

Know that you’re doing everyone a favour by doing this. The little man is probably exhausted and dying for a snooze. Your partner is shattered from the lack of sleep. And you, well, you get to spend some time with the little one. And falling asleep in a safe environment, where daddy will protect me, does wonders for becoming the super hero every dad becomes down the line,

Talking to them!

Yeah yeah, I know. At that age, they don’t speak, they don’t respond and they don’t react to commands. Don’t worry, that time will come and you will remember these days of ‘blob-ness’ and how nice they really were (hard to see right now, I know). By talking to your newborn in a calm and relaxing way, you get him used to your voice and install peace into him.


Goes without saying, spending time with the little one, playing, builds an immense bond between you two. Don’t expect a full game of football, peek-a-boo is a good place to start.

(Bottle) Feeding

Remember how you’re not physically equipped to breastfeed a baby? Well, you can always give them the bottle. This will give some time off to mummy and you get to spend some time with the little man. And if we go by point number two (“winding the baby”), your partner will be doing the burping,

You can find other really cool advice in this book and remember, don’t panic!


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