Sam asked 11 months ago

If you could have your kid play a sport what would you be proud of them playing (based on the idea that they enjoy the sport)?

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Theodore Staff answered 11 months ago

Definitely Rock-climbing! 🙂 But I am biassed. 

Ago answered 11 months ago

Hi Sam! I have a different view on this and it works super well 4 me. Each 1-2 years I change the sport. I suggest, I let the kids suggest and they decide (poker is not a sport!). In this way they have gone through various styles and mindsets and they learned how to use their body and mind under different settings. I hope it will be useful in the future. In any case I do not see them becoming Michael Phelps or sthg like this so for me the most critical is the lack of hesitation to try, win, fail, cooperate, argue, learn to live with others. I hope it makes sense now because after I open my beer it will certainly not make sense 🙂

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