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Theodore Staff asked 11 months ago

Hey guys, 
As we are building this up, we’d love to know what you think is missing. Whether is suggestions on what to write about or actual features you’d like to see on this website, drop your comments below!
Stay happy, 

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Ago answered 11 months ago

Yo Theo! Nice playground for dads, thanks a million!
Add a 2′ explanatory video, cartoon-type due to the concept. Key functions, purpose, etc
Any coool discounts 4 dads such as twin swim suits for dads and kids, cool gadgets, subscriptions?
How about PMs in case someone wants to address a private question or receive a private reply? A bit risky but could help if the question is sensitive and dad A has appreciated dad’s B view points and wants a personal input. 
Dads do not exist without moms! So anything for dads to make moms smile a bit more as they are already overloaded enough? 
Thanks for the consideration as well as for asking for feedback, it shows your deep interest for this place 🙂

Theodore Staff answered 11 months ago

Ago! We just created a member’s area, based on your feedback. Next on the to-do list, to implement the rest of your suggestions!

Greg answered 10 months ago

In the Member’s Area, you could include some exclusive content — guides, offers that are exclusive to members.

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