Carl asked 6 months ago

Dad question. My son is almost 4 and leaves his room sometimes in the middle of the night and I fear he might fall down the steps or get into something he shouldn’t . Anyone else run into this and what did you do?

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Theodore Staff answered 6 months ago

Baby gate?
Or just explain to him the dangers of going out of his room at night. He will only fall down the stairs once. 

Ago answered 6 months ago

Hi Carl, 
Is he coming to your room or just walking around? Is he awake or not? When it happened to me (and still happens sometimes) I monitor discretely. If the kid is night walking I just grab it and put it back to bed without talking or sudden movements. Just as a natural process. Neither I overvalue nor I undervalue the phenomenon. After a few times it goes away. I hope it helps dad 🙂 

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