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Have you noticed how, over the years, you have started to put on some weight, become rounder and rounder, get less active, lose some hair (sorry, nothing we can do for you on that one)…

And then, every now and again, you think to yourself: “I really need to get back into shape, start running or exercising”. Few thoughts later you reach the conclusion: “I’ll do that later”.

Or maybe, that’s not the case. You’re a gym-addict, super fit, 6-pack ridden dad, in which case, good for you! (No jealousy here! At aaaaaallllll!) 🙂

Anyhow, here is what we have to suggest:

Register to the KBC Half Marathon with us!

You don’t need to be a fitness dork to join us. Walk, jog or run it, the main thing is to get across the finish line!


Takes place in Phoenix Park (Dublin) on Saturday 21st September 2019, at 9:30am.
Entries close on 6th September and registration costs 25 Euro.

Directions to the start area will be clearly signposted. Please arrive at the start in good time. The race will start at 9.30am sharp.


half marathon dublin

We can train together

Through the WhatsApp group we’ve set up, we will arrange for the training sessions. We sort out the logistics of when and where on there. Let’s get active!

You get a forDads T-Shirt

First 15 entries get a free forDads t-shirt. Anything more than 15, we will have to ask for a small contribution as we can’t starve the kids in the name of getting you dressed 🙂

How to join?

More info

Check out the KBC Dublin Marathon 2019 website.

Find out more about what we do at forDads.ie hereIf you’re looking for ideas of things to do with your kids, check this page out.


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