Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones

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Somebody asked in the Facebook Group recently “Best pet farm / petting zoo for 3.5 years old around Dublin or in Ireland is ??” and it got a bunch of suggestions going. So I took it upon me to bring my little man (3 years old) and his friend (same age) out to Glenroe Farm, a family run working farm. I must say, we had a blast!

Farm animals to pet

Loads of friendly and familiar farm animals to be seen. Granted, all our little ones wanted to see was the horses but we got to practice a few extra vocab words such as pig, sheep, goose (he’d never seen a goose before!), donkey, parrot… Particularly impressive to the kids was the little Shetland-esque horse which looked like a miniature version of a horse.

The goat also had its fair share of success and we spent a good 30 minutes feeding the little bugger!

Pet Corner

There is a whole corner where you can pet and interact with animals. We’re talking rabbits, mice,… little manageable creatures that won’t scare the living cr*p out of your children. There is also a member of staff there, facilitating the overall shebang.

Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones


When the kid’s attention span runs out, there are two playgrounds that allows them to spend all their remaining energy — and nearly guarantee they will sleep at night! Slides, castles, balancing ropes, tall roofs they children can jump over…

Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones

Did I mention there is LOADS of space for the kids to run around?

Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones

Coffee Shop

Oh, and in case you get hungry or thirsty, the lovely coffee area will serve you some nice sambos and refreshments — man gotta eat!


Oooooh yeah. Nothing worse than going somewhere and looking for a parking space for 20 minutes. This place has ample free parking for buses (in case you feel like taking the bus out) and cars.

Where is it?

A short drive away from Dublin, in Greystones. It’s easy of access and the trip itself is actually an adventure for the little ones (some great scenery to be seen on the way!)

Opening times

Mind though, the farm is not opened all year around. Mainly open from 10am to 5pm, the farm is closed from November to February.


Adult : €7.50
Child : €7.50
Under 3 : Free
Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children) : €27
Additional adult/child : €6 each

It’s fair 🙂


Just in case you’re worried you’ll get lost (which, trust me, you won’t, the place is not that big), here is a map of the area:

Glenroe Farm layout


I must say we had a great time at Glenroe Farm and would definitely recommend it for a nice day out! And you can also combine it with a quick visit to the beach if you find you have a bit of free time left!

And some photos

I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to spam you all with some photos of my child, right? Below are some photos of the day.

Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones
Glenroe Petting Farm Greystones

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