handmade games to pass time on a rainy day

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It does rain from time to time on this island (!), and that’s okay, we’re not here for the weather. But what can we do during these long rainy days, when you’re stuck inside with your child? Below are a few DIY ideas that can make time go by whilst having tons of fun.

Mini home-made foosball

home made foosball mini

A cardboard box, a few straws and a few pegs is all you need. Between the assembling, the playing and the fixing of the game, you should be able to kill quite some time whilst having a blast. You can also get yourself one of those industrial foosball games, but where’s the fun in that?


Remember the hours spent in class, trying to make time go by, playing tic-tac-toe with your neighbour? This could be an easy and interactive way of spending time with your child, teaching them some basic strategy. Go easy on the kid, they don’t have the same level of practice as you do!

Maze Ball Game

Few bits of cardboard and off you go! The aim of the game is to get the little ball (marble?) through the loops and finish the maze in a record time. Only rule is ‘you can’t touch the ball!’

Looking for other ways to pass time on a rainy day?  You can teach your kids some programming, build an indoor fort or get them in front of the TV (in a productive way that is!)





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