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So, here we go again, it is raining outside and the children are running a riot in the house! Even the TV won’t keep them focussed for long enough. Time to take control, the mummy-daddy tag-team is on, let’s do some colouring!

A series of short activities will keep the children rooted long enough to get you through the bad weather (or all the way up to bed time).

Crayola has a dedicated page with tons of colouring pages for you to print out. Check it out here. All you need is access to a printer — and if you’re smart, you’d have a few of them printed ahead of time, in case your printer suddenly decides to run out of ink when you need it most! (these things are lethal, they smell fear!)

They have a few different categories to chose from as well, such as Disney-themed, for adults (yeeey!), characters, seasons, plants and animals, places, words and letters.

Check them out below or click on this link to see them all.

Young Children Colouring Page Disney Cars Colouring Page Dinosaurs colouring page Adult Colouring pages


Looking for more ideas of activities and things to do with your children? Check this section here. 

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