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The weather is going tits up and it’s getting colder and colder these days. So, whilst you’re stuck inside, why not build a pillow fort? Your child can even spend the night in it, for extra excitement (this does take a bit of prep though).

Some examples of epic-ness

In case you need some inspiration.

cute pillow fort
pillow fort comfy
pillow fort inspiration

[found here]


pillow fort tipi

[found here]


pillow fort for dogs

[found here]


pillow fort little girl

[found here]


pillow fort classy

[found here]


pillow fort ultimate

[found here]


A quick Google search will give you tons of more ideas!

What you will need

This list is not exhaustive:

  • Sheets and/or blankets
  • Pillows (loads of them!)
  • Sofa cushions
  • Sleeping bag
  • Couch, chairs, tables – anything to build a base really
  • Safety pins, duct tape, clothe pins, rubber bands — they come in handy for keeping different elements together.
  • Broom stick
  • Keep out sign
  • Flashlight
  • Nerft guns for defence (optional)

Other optional tools include:

  • Christmas lights
  • Snacks
  • Entertainment (books, toys)
  • Stuffed animals
  • Umbrella
  • Wall hooks
  • More pillows
  • More blankets

Things to think about

Function – A few things to keep in mind when building your pillow fort. What is the fort going to be used for? How do people get in and out? How many are you planning to fit in there? Standing up or just sitting down? All these things will determine the course of action to follow.

Location – Pick a suitable location, make sure it is not dangerous (as in, the fridge won’t fall on you) and that the floor is nice and soft (tiles are cold!). Proximity to entertainment (and bathroom) is also something to think about. Keep in mind, walls are handy to attach your roof and provide stability to the pillow fort.

Supplies – Gather all the supplies in one area (see list above).

Start building – Start by building the walls and add the roof.
Securing the roof is the trickiest part (in my opinion). Make sure it is nicely fixed!|
Once this is done, make sure the inside is lined with comfy pillows!


Show us your pillow forts

If you actually go ahead and build the fort, show us your creation either in the comments or on the Facebook Group.

[link to the Facebook Group]

That’s all for now! Have a blast!

final quote pillow fort

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Weather clearing up? Go to the park!


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