Father-Daughter Bonding Activities

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First things first, I have to admit that I have no idea whatsoever about having a daughter. I am the proud father of a little boy and all my experience has been focussed around interacting with a mini-man-to-be. Nonetheless, you will find some ideas below that can help you bond with your daughter. Let me know what you think of these, I’d love to hear how I did!

Your special handshake

Have you seen the movie ‘The Wave‘? If not, I would definitely recommend it (though it is definitely not a movie for kids!). In it, the students have a special way of saluting each other, which brings them closer to one another. A special handshake will bring you and your daughter closer, and create a strong bond of unity.

And, just for the kicks, the trailer of the movie mentioned above.

Go somewhere overnight

Take a trip away, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be far or expensive, just somewhere she will have fun! Plan out the day with activities she’d like and make sure to have a blast together! It might also bring calmer moments where you can open up to each-other.

Play with here

Spend some time playing together. Not sure what game she’d want to play? Start with something simple, like 20 questions, I Spy or charades. Doesn’t really matter what you play at, as long as she enjoys it and you guys spend some time together!


Going on the assumption that every little girl loves to dance (ok, not every one but most? –don’t go all gender-crazy on me please). So pump up the tunes and go crazy!  If dancing is not your thing, check the video below.

Eat out

Take your little princess out for dinner. Treat her like royalty and make sure to turn this outing into an event! There are some cool ways to eat out that include Teppanyaki, dinner theatres, drive-in movies with dinner or even just a classic meal out in a restaurant.

Whatever she loves doing

You know what she likes spending her time doing. So just join her! You might even learn something new!

Have a “Yes” Night

Have you seen the Jim Carrey movie ‘Yes Man’? Basically, you say yes to everything. Some ground rules needed (ie: nothing illegal or unsafe, must be considerate of others and not involve purchases that will hurt the family budget) but it should be fun,


No matter what you do, spending time with your daughter will bring you guys closer, create a bond between you two and set an expectation of how men should treat her.
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