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Right, this one is not free but it is a great way to fill a full day with excitement and fun!

Learn a few things

The zoo can be a great way for your little one to learn and discover new animals and fun facts about them. If they are of a younger age, they will be delighted to see wolves (three little pigs and the big bad wolf?), turtles (turtle and the hare?) and any other animal that feature in the bed-time stories you read them.

And you know what? You might learn something yourself! 🙂

Actually, quite affordable

The annual pass can be quite an economical way of visiting the zoo. Provided you use it 3-4 times in the year, you have saved money! Let alone the fact that you can use the same pass across the country and abroad! (Dublin, Cork, Edinburgh (Scotland), Colchester (England), Twycross (I’m going to guess Wales here), Paignton (England).

As per keeping the costs low, grab a backpack, pack some sandwiches, a few bottles of water/juice, a few snacks and off you go on a wonderful family adventure!

Energy draining

Last time I went to the zoo with my little family (about a week ago), we arrived at 11 and left at 5pm. That is a whole 6 hours of walking!

Needless to say, all three of us were wrecked coming home and the little man slept like a baby!

Side note here: The expression “Slept like a baby” is ridiculous. Babies sleep one hour, wake up crying for two hours and can wake up at the drop of a needle!

Group activity

Spending a bit of time all together is great. And you can make it even greater by inviting friends to join you — particularly if they have kids of their own!


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